terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012


Quando Passos fala na necessidade da sobre austeridade a tudo o custo, será que conhece estes dados do Eurostat e o seu efeito futuro. 

«The average annual decline was around 4
percentage points in the period from 2006 to 2010.
Although the rate of decline has slowed down,
reaching the share of not more than 15% non-users
set as an EU target for 2015 in the Digital Agenda
remains possible.
Large digital divides were evident when looking at
the share of the population who have never used
the internet across Member States (figure 5). The
highest shares of the population with no past
experiences in internet use at all whether at home,
at work or at any other place were registered in
Romania (54%), Bulgaria (46%), Greece (45%),
Cyprus (41%) and Portugal (41%), and the lowest
in Sweden (5%), the Netherlands and Denmark
(both 7%), Luxembourg (8%) and Finland (9%).
Another four Member States (Italy, Lithuania,
Malta and Poland) showed proportions between
30% and below 40% for the population being
excluded and without...»

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